Take a Byte

You get it right?

  • Spider – Web – Internet?
  • Byte – As in spider bites you?

OneBigByte (previously known as INOV8 IT) has been servicing the IT needs of small and medium sized businesses, as well as home users for over 10 years. We’re based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

With OneBigByte we’re expanding our offering to meet your broader digital needs. The digital landscape is changing, and we’re changing with it.

So we’re still delivering general IT solutions (hardware, software, networks in both sales and support). We’re growing with you – iPads, Internet, Social Media, Online Presence and Communication.

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Who are we?

Who on earth is OneBigByte you may ask? Well INOV8 IT, now known as OneBigByte are expanding their digital solutions from hardware to now include ‘socialware’ as well. They are positioning themselves as a comprehensive solution for clients to leverage the most from Social Business.

Fear not, OneBigByte will still continue to provide the same amazing Hardware, Software and Internet support and service you’ve always experienced.

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iPad Courses

We certainly don’t have to convince anyone anymore of how the iPad has very quickly arrived and invaded our worlds. For most people it’s brought significant and valuable change to how they run their digital world.

However there are some of us out there, who’ve spent the R4500 – R7000 and are asking, “what now?”

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